New York Times Admits Uk Officials Tried To Get It To Hand Over Nsa Files

Its not the first time that a publication mentions the authorities have demanded they hand over the NSA leaked documents, but its just as troublesome. It seems that the newspapers editor Jill Abramson was approached by the UK embassy in Washington after the New York Times and the Guardian announced they were working together on publishing information regarding the GCHQ based on Snowdens files. They were hopeful that we would relinquish any material that we might be reporting on, relating to Edward Snowden. Needless to say I considered what they told me, and said no, Abramson told the Guardian . Previously, the Guardian employees were forced to destroy their hard drives as they refused to hand over the data to the British authorities. This incident eventually triggered the partnership between the newspaper and the New York Times. The logic between the collaboration is that the NYT would have more freedom to publish whatever it wanted as the US laws provide a more extensive protection of journalists. However, that didnt stop the Obama administration to ask on several occasions for the New York Times to consider withholding certain information from its stories. And while the publication considered the request, it generally seeks to weigh on the side of informing the public. There’s a war on terror being waged in the name of the public, and the public has a right to have information about it. That’s critical. The Guardian as well as the New York Times are providing a very valuable service, allowing people to decide for themselves whether the intelligence agencies are being too intrusive in their data collection, Abramson said.

New York Comic Con 2013: The beauties and beasts

Yaya Han dressed as Madam Hydra.

My role as CEO of both companies will allow us to experiment with ideas across two different platforms and draw on the expertise of our ever-growing leadership team. I have asked Roy and Kim to help me oversee both companies, as chief revenue officer and chief operating officer, respectively. Make no mistake: if we get complacent or distracted or slow, we will lose our edge. The days of untouchable incumbents in media are over – this is the era of abrupt change. We have no choice but to keep delivering the goods, better, faster and more efficiently. Or someone will do unto us what we have done unto others. We have very specific thoughts on what it takes to maintain a vibrant culture, one intolerant of complacency, and will have more to say on this in the weeks to come. John and I have learned so much these past seven years. There was a priceless quote in one of the early pieces about POLITICO in which Harris said my job was to pop the cork and let people know “we are going to take on the world,” and his was to keep an eye on how much people are drinking and make sure no one got out of control. It captured nicely the essence of our partnership: we turn to each other to balance out our ambitions, personalities and skills. I am so bullish about our continued success. With Harris and Danielle Jones at the editorial helm, we cannot be beat on reporting. With Kim, Roy, Ryan, Peter, Miki, Beth, Sara, Jennifer, Cally and Katherine at the strategic helm, we cannot be beat on business or technology. So my job will be to make sure we harness our brand, our strong position and all of your talents to grow POLITICO, Capital New York and any new efforts – and prove, definitively, there is a robust future for nonpartisan, high-quality journalism. I look forward to working with all of you to make this happen.

Jim VandeHei Named CEO Of Politico And Capital New York

I got a lot of, I could be your Spider-Man, she said as she was flocked by admirers Saturday. You feel like youre the character, its a great feeling. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News Yaya Han dressed as Madam Hydra. RELATED: WHAT THE TREK IS GOING ON! Pratt Institute student Molly Glover, a huge Game of Thrones fan, recruited seven friends from school to form a human Iron Throne from the HBO fantasy series. The 20-year-old budding costume designer started in August and made the costume out of fabric and spray-painted pool noodles. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 25-year-old Sarah Nielsen dressed as Black Widow. I wanted to find people who were willing to contribute and all of my friends graciously accepted, said Glover. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News Stacey Weiland dressed as Mad Moxie from the video game Borderlands. Even Game of Thrones actor Jerome Flynn was impressed, and took time to sit on the throne between signing autographs. This event was surreal as it was, but sitting on a load of fans isnt what I expected to happen, the British actor told the News, but New York is full of surprises. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 25-year-old Jennifer Hashimoto dressed as Cat Women. RELATED: NEW YORK COMIC CON 2013: ZACH GALIFIANAKIS, KEN JEONG, BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT JOIN BOBS BURGERS SEASON FOUR At the ripe old age of 3, aspiring Wonder Woman Tesla Muchado is already a three-year veteran of New York Comic Con and was excited to pose for a photo with an adult, Helene Waldermarson, 26, dressed as her favorite superhero. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News “Joker” 30 y/o Carlos Maya feeds his “Batman” son 6-month-old Isaac Maya. Im Wonder Woman, said Tesla. I like all Wonder Womans! Richard Benitez, 21, South Ozone Park, decided he wanted to dress up as Aquaman five months ago in a golden chain-mail shirt that took him 50 hours to sew by hand.

Slavery exists in New York City — and Christian students want to fight it

Incognito: Damien Lewis’ Nicholas Brody sports a new shaved head look in ‘Homeland’

Its hard to estimate how many victims are living in New York, since much of the trafficking happens under the radar. They can be funneled into the city to either work as sex slaves or as unpaid laborers. The United States is the second most popular destination in the world for trafficked women, according to Restore NYC . The State Department estimates that nearly 18,000 foreign nationals are trafficked into the U.S. ever year. The average age of entry into prostitution in the United States is between 12 and 14 years old. RELATED: AFTER ONE YEAR IN IRANIAN JAIL, CHRISTIAN PASTOR SAEED ABEDINI PENS HEARTFELT LETTER TO DAUGHTER Danielle Rae Douglass was 17. The woman was a freshman at Northeastern University when a man she trusted manipulated her into selling her body. For two entire years, she was closely monitored, subjected to random beatings and given only two hours to sleep every day. The experience broke her down and stripped away her dignity. Kyle VanEtten Jonathan Walton serves as a spokesman for Price of Life.