Hollywood Manager Nudges Farmiga, Michael Hall To Charity

The Hawaian-born beauty accessorised with striking bright purple earrings, while completing her look with relatively low-key make-up and dramatic fluttering false lashes. The thigh’s the limit: The 35-year-old singer offered a sexy glimpse of her toned and tanned pins with a daring thigh-high split Hollywood glamour: Highlighting her envy-inducing hourglass figure, Nicole’s velvet gown featured a flattering racer back style, as well as an unusual panel of metal bars running down her spine Tense times: Nicole joined fellow judges Gary Barlow, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh on stage to hear the results of the first public vote Nicole certainly had plenty to smile about for the episode with all three of her girls – Abi Alton, Tamera Foster and Hannah Barrett – making it through to next week’s show. And the star was looking forward to seeing legendary songstress Cher perform on the episode. Writing on her Twitter page in a series of posts, Nicole said: ‘Less then half an hour to go… Just got to get dressed then I’m ready to go! Are y’all ready? @TheXFactor Classic elegance: The Don’t Hold Your Breath hitmaker her tumbling brunette locks pulled back off her face into a chic chignon, and accessorized with bright purple earrings She’s got The X Factor! Nicole completed her look with relatively low-key make-up and dramatic fluttering false lashes. Dress code: Sharon followed Nicole’s sartorial lead and also opted for a full-length black gown for the occasion ‘I’m freakin out to see @Cher perform tonight on @TheXFactor ! #ItsaWomansWorld #TelltheTruth !!!’ After seeing all three of her girls make it through to next week’s show, Nicole left the X Factor studios in North London with fellow mentor Sharon Osbourne and her daughter Kelly. Posting a snap of the trio cuddled up together on her Twitter page, she wrote: ‘The third Osbourne!

Effortless elegance: Nicole Scherzinger pulled out all the stops as she oozed timeless Hollywood glamour in a striking black gown for The X Factor results show on Sunday

She was pregnant with her second child. It was a crazy experience, and we made it! Cole: Some people say Hollywood isnt as generous as it should be. Rubinstein: A lot of people that I encounter in the entertainment business are generous. If you look at any agency, United Talent Agency Inc., Creative Artists Agency LLC, they have foundations, and they do extraordinary work. Toronto Film Cole: You went to the Toronto Film Festival. What did you like? Rubinstein: I went there to see Only Lovers Left Alive which Tom Hiddleston stars in, and its a great movie. Everybodys talking about 12 Years A Slave, and I think Chiwetel Ejiofor is one of the greatest actors on the planet. I just saw him in his play in London , which is called A Season in the Congo, and he was just breathtaking. Cole: Will the Internet become a major distributor of films? Rubinstein: Yes, its going to be huge. I just bought a television set, and YouTube.com is built in to it. You can look up a YouTube video on my phone, and it just instantly appears on the television.

Witches casting a spell over Hollywood

We don’t know where the ladies of “American Horror Story’s” coven will rank just yet, but here’s a look at our other favorite witches. Veronica Lake didn’t need any magic to cast a spell on the audience; she did that naturally. But in 1942’s “I Married A Witch,” the iconic screen siren plays a 17th-century witch who, after being burned at the stake, is brought back to life in the 20th century and falls for the politically inclined descendant (Fredric March) of her puritanical Salem prosecutor. Who better than Lake to show how fun being bad can be? When it comes to witches, our prototype is the Wicked Witch of the West — wonderfully redeemed in “Wicked” — but one’s claim to evil can’t be properly held without a goodie-two-shoes like Glinda the Good Witch around. Besides, Glinda showed in 1939’s “Wizard of Oz” that magic can have a sweet, courageous side, too. The Evil Queen in “Snow White ” is the original animated Disney villain, appearing in Walt Disney’s first animated film, 1937’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” Trying to claim the title of “fairest of them all,” the queen had to use dark magic to turn herself into a witch so she could trick the (let’s face it, pretty gullible) princess. For their second film together, “Vertigo” stars Kim Novak and Jimmy Stewart went supernatural with 1958’s “Bell, Book and Candle.” Novak was the one with tricks up her sleeve in this romantic comedy, as her character, Gillian, casts a spell on Stewart’s Shep Henderson, causing him to leave his fiancee and fall for her. Jack Lemmon and Ernie Kovacs also star. In a cackling contest, Witch Hazel would have everyone beat . The animated witch was often Bugs Bunny’s foe, but given her jovial attitude and infectious giggle, you can’t help but love her. Sixties sitcom “Bewitched” lasted long enough to introduce us to three generations of fabulous witches: supernatural housewife Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery, left), her sly mother, Endora (Agnes Moorehead), and the littlest witch in the Stephens family, Tabitha (Erin Murphy).