Concert At Jewish Community Center To Raise Funds For Syrian Refugees

However, the highlight part of the concert was the members’ unit performances and solo performances. The first unit performance was presented by Hyo Lin and SoYou. The two appeared on the stage in black outfits, and performed Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’. Hyo Lin and Bora, who held promotions as unit group ‘SISTAR 19’, also performed their hits, ‘Gone Not Around Any Longer’ and ‘Ma Boy’. Bora also performed a new rendition of Lee Hyo Ri’s ‘Miss Korea’, which had raps that she wrote. Afterwards, So You appeared on a sofa, and performed Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ with a male dancer. Later on, DaSom appeared in a white dress, performed Corinne Bailey Rae’s ‘Like a Star’, and Hyo Lin deeply impressed the audience by showing a perfect performance of Beyonce’s ‘End of Time’. At the later part of the concert, Baek Ji Young and K.Will appeared as special guests. K.Will appeared first, and sang ‘Miss Miss and Miss’ and ‘My Heart Is Beating’. Baek Ji Young, who even SISTAR members did not expect, appeared in a surprise, and sang sang one of her hits, ‘Don’t Forget’. SISTAR also impressed the fans by showing efforts for a closer communication with them. They randomly selected one fan, invited him up to the stage for a photo, and made a surprise appearance in the audience. SISTAR debuted in June, 2010 with ‘Push Push’, and they became one of the hottest girl groups of Korea, releasing continuous hits during last 3 years. SISTAR have been developing their colors continuously, and they showed a fantastic performance even though the show was held in live for 2 and a half hours. After the concert, Hyo Lin said, “I don’t know how you enjoyed our second show, but thank you for making your way there and watching us.

SISTAR’s 2nd solo concert done with a great success

Part of the money will go toward Jandalis efforts to take music and concerts to refugees in camps, he said. The event has become somewhat controversial in parts of the Arab-American community. Some are refusing to take part because its being held at a Jewish center, organizers said. Others oppose it because the musician and some of the organizers oppose Syrian President Bashar Assad. Jandali and others helping to organize the concert said its unfortunate there is division over an event intended to help children. Jandali said the Jewish center was selected for the concert on purpose because he wants people to cross through social and political barriers so we can be human. Stop dividing our noble cause with silly things, he said. Dr. Yahya Basha of West Bloomfield , who is of Syrian descent and a longtime leader in the Arab-American and Muslim-American communities, supports the concert. He said it will highlight the magnitude of the tragedy of Syria. More than 6 million Syrians have been displaced because of the war, including about 2 million refugees who fled the country. There are about 10,000 Syrian Americans in Michigan. John Akouri, a Lebanese-American leader from Farmington Hills who will emcee the event, said: Shame on anyone who brings politics or religion into this concert. Everyone is welcome. This is America. Jandalis parents were reportedly attacked in Syria by forces supporting Assad after he played a song in 2011 calling for freedom. Jandali said the concert is being sponsored by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), Rutgers Universitys Center for the Study of Genocide, Conflict Resolution and Human Rights and the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP).