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Celebrity Fundraiser for Wolves Saving Lives (Video)

Saving lives through the eyes of the wolf.

Mr Johnson, who attended a directions hearing at Queensland Civil and Administration Tribunal yesterday, last week announced he had chosen to close his other up-market eatery Bistro One Eleven . The restaurant opened a year ago in Eagle St in the city. Mr Yeo, a former Australian Rules player who became a quadriplegic in 2002, wants E’cco Bistro to convert an existing goods lift to provide additional wheelchair access. The restaurant is in a building at 100 Boundary St, a former tea warehouse, owned by prominent architect Robert Riddel. “All restaurants and places where the public can attend functions should look after people with disabilities and in wheelchairs,” Mr Yeo said. It is claimed Mr Yeo, who runs spinal charity PointZero5, was told by the restaurant that the upstairs dining room could not accommodate people in wheelchairs. It is alleged the restaurant had offered to serve him food in a downstairs wheelchair-accessible bar area, but that was not acceptable to Mr Yeo. At the tribunal yesterday senior member Clare Endicott directed Mr Yeo’s lawyer to join the building owner as a respondent in the case, which she set down for a two-day hearing in March. Ms Endicott was told restaurants were currently facing “difficult trading conditions”. Mr Johnson’s lawyer told the tribunal the restaurateur leased the premises and was having discussions with the landlord about the complaint. Mr Yeo’s lawyer told the hearing it was up to the business owner, Mr Johnson, to ensure the premises were wheelchair accessible. Outside the tribunal Mr Johnson declined to comment, other than to say: “It’s not my building.” Mr Riddel, who is yet to formally respond to the complaint, also declined to comment.

Dan Aykroyd Not to be confused with Nicole. Jef Holm One F is enough, thanks. Courteney Cox I’ll have a cougar with a side of E. Avril Lavigne Man-ga-niello (Bonus: sounds like Man-gi-nello). Kristin Cavallari A lot of alliteration with this one. Arnold Schwarzenegger Remember Busy Philipps? Ryan sees her L, then raises her one. Barbra Streisand Don’t forget the E, though it’s pronounced just like Lord. Nicolas Cage Double the X, double the fun. Amanda Seyfried Qu-ven-zhane (Bonus: sounds like Kwa-van-je-nay). Will Ferrell Two Rs, two Ls, two Es. Not to be confused with Colin Farrell. Saoirse Ronan Sa-oir-se (Bonus: sounds like Seer-sha). Shia LaBeouf La-B-eou-f.

Celebrity chef Philip Johnson faces discriminiation claim over lack of wheelchair access at E’cco Bistro

Ms. Wynn shares; I have two wolves that are part of the wolf connection pack. I visit them regularly and watch them change lives. I’m truly fortunate to be on the board and to be part of this amazing pack. This wondrous wolf sanctuary encompasses a youth education and empowerment program. With wolf dogs as the centerpiece, these incredible animals help men, woman and children from all walks of life. Their program builds confidence, creates leadership skills, improves communication, and environmental awareness. Ms. Wynn puts it like this: “We are saving lives through the eyes of the wolf. Even though the Wolf Connection has only been in existence for three years, they have 25 volunteers that help shoulder the duties and demands while accomplishing an amazing mission. When asked what is most rewarding about running the organization, Ms. Wynn shares: For me it is about saving these magnificently misunderstood animals while reaching the hearts of children. To really understand the kindred spirit of the wolf, one must first apply the principals of a wolf pack into your own life before teaching these principles to others.