Sex obsessions that you might want to try with an escorts of London


Anal sex.


While anal sex is largely considered a taboo by many, some actually love it. Constructive reasoning might actually make you want to change your mind about the issue. Do you love anal sex? Are considering trying anal sex? London escort girls offer an affordable solution to your quest. Unlike housewives or girlfriends that don’t embrace new sex ideas, High class London escort girls are willing to do this and much more. Most girls won’t even mind you ejaculating in their anus. They actually find it intriguing and it only helps improve their orgasms. Go ahead! Contact one of the agencies and pay a reasonable price for anal sex.


However, not all London escorts are willing to have anal sex with you. Please do enquire whether she is willing to take part in anal sex. You can do this by asking the London escort agency such as these sort of agency London’s Leading Ladies  directly. Nonetheless, if you believe you are good at sweet-talking, call her over. Entice her and by mutual consent go ahead and penetrate her real hard in the anus. While some women don’t find it enjoyable, most men find the firm feel of the anus enjoyable. Though women might not realise this, the anus and clitoris have more nerve endings than the vagina. To some point anal sex brings about more orgasms than sticking some cock in your pussy. Some reason why women should give anal sex a thought.

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If you are a man and all you want is anal sex, pay the necessary fee at one of the agencies. Once the call girl comes over, do your thing and fulfil all your fantasies. The High class London escorts are  train too well and they are out to make you cum as many times as possible. All this provided you pay the agreed amount. An added advantage when it comes to anal sex, you will at no one time get anyone pregnant. For men who don’t want to use a condom and are afraid of impregnating anyone, here is the right choice. With anal sex, you will never have girls claim you are their child’s father. It only gets better with escorts in London, they handle things professional and no word will ever get out about your secret fetish.



Oral sex.


If you are the kind that gets crazy when you hear oral sex, here is a quick solution. Escort girls do well when it comes to oral sex, some are even willing to swallow your cum.


Prices vary across the industry, no agency charges like the other. Do your research and get the best you can without straining your finances. With the many agencies around, you will no doubt get an London escort  to fulfil your oral sex fetish. Go ahead, hire an escort in London and ride your hard cock in her mouth. You might as well get to go down on her and lick her pussy wet, provided she gives a go ahead. After all who said its all about the client you can get down on her and her some good too. With the kind of training they have, she will oblige and it’s all in her benefit.